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I started my Drag journey in July 2019, where I was able to perform my first show with the Countship of the ISCSM. After performing at that show I was hungry for more. I was able to continue exploring with drag and inspire others to start performing while sharing my story. In March 2020, I was appointed the Secretary of the Countship of the ISCSM where I was able to deepen my understandings of the nonprofit. Then in late 2020 I stepped into the Scholarship coordinator position for the ISCSM. Here I was able to award two individuals with scholarships to further their higher education. Shortly after stepping into this role, I was elected Count III of the Countship of the ISCSM. With this position in the Countship, I have been able to create safe spaces for the LGBT+ community while supporting those in the community as well. 

Buster brings the confidence, creativeness, and inspiration to the stage. With performing in Anaconda, Montana, to cities as big as New York City, he has developed a love for sharing his story with others through performance. Message him to book him for your next show.  

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